Fried chicken house Yukon mash

Stone Creek Bistro’s Fried Chicken! House whipped Yukon gold potatoes; fried chicken cream gravy; white cheddar biscuit; spring vegetables and pickled cucumber and red onion.

House-Made Italian Sausage

Thursday night special! House-Made Italian Sausage; roasted pepper caponata; Parmesan polenta and basil salsa verde. Good stuff!

Hamachi Crudo

May 3rd, 2015: Saturday Night’s special! Hamachi Crudo; compressed watermelon; cucumber and jalapeƱo.

Stone Creek Bistro’s very own BACON

Thanks to our friends at Sweep’s Luck for finding us this stove pipe! We’re well on our way to rolling out Stone Creek Bistro’s very own BACON.

Foie three ways

Foie three ways. L-R foie in the style of bacon and eggs with cured egg; 71 degree egg smoked maple aioli and a flapjack; foie terrine with peanut butter and jelly and foie brats with German cabbage and pickled mustard.  

English Ale (Boddingtons) and Manchego Cheese Bisque

Wednesday Night’s Soup Of The Day: English Ale (Boddingtons) and Manchego Cheese Bisque: spicy popcorn; marinated shrimp; truffle creme fraiche; chive oil and fennel. That sounds good, I’ll have that. (This time you really should. One of the best soups I’ve ever made.)